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General IT

If you need assistance with your in-house computer systems, either on a on-going basis or if you are in need of help for a specific problem, then we can help you.

Data Recovery

If your computer dies it doesn't necessarily mean that the data on your hard disk is gone forever. It may be possible to recover some or all of your valuable information, even if a hard disk has failed.

Virus and Malware Cleanup

There's an arms race going on, with your data as the prize. If your computer is feeling sluggish, acting strangely, or popping up advertisements out of nowhere, you probably have a virus or some other form of malware or adware. 

We can help by checking out your computer and cleaning the bad programs off.


You wouldn't operate your business without insurance, would you?

What would happen to your business if your building was destroyed, or a vehicle was involved in an accident, and you had no insurance?

Now consider what would happen to your business if all your financial and other business data was lost. Backing up your computers is insurance for your business information.

Call us to discuss your options.