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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI is about connecting businesses in order to streamline the process of sending and receiving important business documents like orders and invoices.

Rather than printing out these documents on paper and sending via snail mail, or even generating a PDF and sending through email, an EDI system electronically processes each document through a gateway and routes them to or from your trading partner. This improves delivery times, and reduces error rates. No longer can an invoice be claimed  to have been lost in the mail, or caught in the spam folder.

Sell Your Products To The Big Boys

All of the major chains now use EDI systems to interact with their trading partners. Woolworths, Coles, Mitre 10, and K-Mart are just a small sample of retail chains that insist on Electronic Data Interchange to handle transactions with their trading partners.

If you want to sell your products in these markets, it is a requirement for you to implement EDI in your organisation.

EzyB2B By Neller Connect

EzyB2B is a revolutionary product that gives you the ability to connect to your trading partners and manage all your transactions via the Internet. 

Codeboss is proud to be an agent for EzyB2B, and has been involved in its development.

It is flexible and can be hosted on your own servers, or on cloud servers maintained by Neller Connect.

EzyB2B can be setup and customised to your business needs.

Codeboss also provides an integration service that can further integrate EzyB2B into your ERP systems, providing an even higher level of automation when sending or receiving documents. Contact us for more information on how we can acheive this for you.

Features Of EzyB2B

  • There are no document transaction or translation fees
  • We have established Gateways into the major retailers
  • Support for any-to-any document translation
  • Support for AS2 using Drummond-certified /nsoftware IPWorks!
  • Direct connection to your non-AS2 trading partners or to their VANs
  • We have interfaces for MYOB, MFG/Pro, Movex, SAP, Navision, PRMS, Mapics, etc. out-of-the-box
  • No in-house infrastructure costs

EZYB2B Business Model 

EZYB2B is provided as Software as a Service. Irrespective of your preferred topology structure, we will administer the server on the Neller Connect administered Cloud, on our Hub implementation or by VPN link if the system is implemented on a Customer site.

Next Steps

Choosing an Electronic Data Interchange provider is a big step for your business. It opens up a huge array of opportunities to your business. If you would like to take advantage of those opportunities call or contact us now.